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On April 29, 2006, family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Ray Jennings. Here you will find photos, comments, and various items that punctuated the day's events.

Special Thanks...

A celebration of Ray's life took place on Saturday, April 29, 2006 at Shell Ridge Community Church in Walnut Creek, Ca. Irene Jennings and the entire Jennings family wish to thank all those in attendance. Mere words are not adequate to express our deep appreciation for all the efforts on the part of those who spoke, sang and helped with the refreshment tables.

Irene Jennings with grandson Jay Jennings. Celebration on August 29, 2006.

"As we say goodbye to our brother Ray, we say "hello" to Cayman Elijah Jennings. Cayman was born on Thursday, April 27 to Ray's grandson and his wife, Jay and Elsa Jennings. Jay is the son of Ray and Irene's daughter, Rita." - Greg Ledbetter



Order of Service for the Celebration of the Life of Raymond Polson Jennings

Joy Kim: Preludes
Greg Ledbetter: Pastoral Greeting
Nancy Smith: Call to Worship
Jim Hopkins: Prayer of Invocation
Shell Ridge Ramblers: Special Music
Willis Shotwell & Co: Special Music

Family Remembrances: Daija Jennings and Beth Jennings Williams; Kenneth Jennings; Jonathan Jennings

Remembrances by Ray's Colleagues and Friends: Dianne Wisemiller Steelman; Nancy Hall for Sarah Hallstrand; Harry Williams; Katie Choy-Wong for Paul Nagano; Doug Siden; Jim Lindgren; Paul Hardwick; Ted Sandberg; Rev. Greg Ledbetter reading for Congressman Ron Dellums (scroll down to view the letter he sent to family and friends)

Greg Ledbetter: Closing Thoughts
Kathy Lutz: Special Music
Prayer of Thanksgiving: Dale Edmondson

63mb MP3 Audio File of Entire Service: Click Here to Download

CAUTION! The above digital audio file will take about 13 minutes to download, AND that's ONLY if you are using DSL. If you are using a phone Dial-Up service it could take a few hours. This is an mp3 file. We will make a set of files available in the near future that will allow you to download this 1 hr and 48 min audio in smaller segments.

Greg Ledbetter "Opening and Closing Thoughts" Includes Ray's Epitath: PDF Click here

Sarah Hallstrand: "Snapshot Memories" PDF File Click Here

Daija Monet Jennings read by Beth Jennings

Ken Jennings: "Remembering Dad" PDF File Click Here