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This website exists for a number of reasons. First and foremost, this site is intended to house the large body of written work that Ray produced throughout his lifetime. He asked his family to see to it that his written legacy find it's way into all of the appropriate college and church libraries. The internet seems to be the current most effective tool to begin the accomplishment of that task. Secondly, this site serves as a memorial to Ray's life and the relationships he shared with family and friends and all those that were touched by his desire for a more peaceful world.

Ray's legacy is just as unique as any legacy could be for anyone reading this page. Nevertheless, his legacy is also the reflection of this nation's pilgrim heritage and the struggle that all "mankind" has shared throughout the centuries. He lived a simple yet complex life. His message was the same as his desire... to find and understand truth. He was always careful... sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, but never without a thoughtful or helpful suggestion.