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Raymond Polson Jennings 1924-2006

Welcome to the library...

These pages are dedicated to Ray Jennings.
At this website you can gain access to and learn about Ray's life-work. Learn about his personal and family life histories and stay informed about ongoing projects and ministries that he was closely involved with. On this home page we will continue to post announcements highlighting the upcoming events of organizations that he worked hard to support. Use this site as a resource, feel free to borrow from Ray's thoughts and ideas. Downloadable files will be continually added. As Ray would sometimes say: "Pass it forward!"
The theme of Ray's ministry: "To be agents of change in the lives of people. To lift up the fallen. To encourage the failing. To strengthen the weak. To provide a gentle push to the timid. To evidence kindness, concern, caring. To bring out the best in people. To set persons free to be all that they can be." - Ray Jennings

Please visit the "Celebration" and "Obituary" pages for a brief outline of Ray's life history and his Memorial Celebration. Before you leave we would appreciate if you would sign the "Guestbook"... we'd like to know about your thoughts and who's visiting!

- March 28, 2014 -

This day is the 90th anniversary of the birth of Raymond Polson Jennings

Special Commemoration a Great Success!
Kanto Gakuin University
Yokohama, Japan
April 6, 2008

Ray Jennings spent 10 years of his ministry teaching at Kanto Gakuin University. From April 3 through 10 of 2008, many of Ray's friends and several Jennings family members enjoyed a week of shared memories and fellowship in Yokohama, Japan. To view some of the photos from the week's events and travels, follow this temporary link to the admin's Flickr site:


Support the Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate

Please continue to support the ongoing fundraising and volunteer efforts of the Seafarers Ministry. SMGG is located in the International Maritime Center, 4001 7th Street, Oakland, California. For more information go to their website at www.seafarersministry.com

Keep up on PCBA events

Visit the Pacific Coast Baptist Association's website at http://home.comcast.net/~pcba/

Support historic First Baptist in Oakland, CA

The Julia Morgan Sanctuary was the first large scale commission for the now famous architect, Julia Morgan. Her family home was diagonally across the corner from the former location of the church and she grew up in the church as a Sunday School pupil and teacher and was well known to the trustees. She was awarded the design contract on Jan. 21, 1906. A vote of the church on her design was scheduled for April 18, 1906, but the great earthquake occurred on that morning. Historically, Baptist meeting houses have been plain and simple, with an absolute minimum of symbolism. This is not the case here! Her design is of a modified old English type with open timbered roof of redwood that is so characteristic of later Julia Morgan works. The fine craftsmanship was done by Swedish carpenters. Extensive carvings, such as the trefoils representing the trinity and quatrefoils representing the four evangelists, are to be seen throughout the church. The implementation of her design resulted in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries anywhere. Following the 1906 earthquake, she was hired to direct the restoration of the towers and the wrecked portion of the church. She continued to be deeply involved in every detail of the furnishing of the church. Ray Jennings delivered his last sermon "Some Concluding Thoughts" in this sanctuary. Irene Jennings is also currently employed as Secretary at OFBC. Keep up on OFBC news by going to http://home.comcast.net/~ofbc/

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